AI robots invade media world

July 14, 2020

When former MSN Money editor, Bryan Joiner lost his position in June 2020 to an algorithm, he said that the ascent of algorithms in the world of journalism will be the natural order of things to come. Microsoft recently laid off many of its editors and journalists at Microsoft News and MSN organisations. It is not alone in this push towards using artificial intelligence robots to curate news and financial reports for its audience. Bloomberg News uses Cyborg to assist its team of financial journalists in the race to be ahead of the pack but even John Micklethwait, the editor in chief of Bloomberg admits that the hedge funds are in the lead with their cutting-edge bots. In broadcasting, China’s state media agency, Xinhua News introduced its first robot female news anchor, Xin Xiaomeng, to the world in February 2019. The replacement for human newscasters has begun. 

The current media landscape in Malaysia is daunting. Disruption tears at the fabric of society and the community they serve. As the two biggest media groups, the Star Media Group and Media Prima (which owns the NSTP group, radio, television networks and digital media), are struggling to find the way out of the jungle, more and more jobs are being shed.  

What are our retrenched and displaced journalists and editors doing right now?  


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This article is part of our ongoing research on the book "Malaysia's Digital Economy".