Sparrow Publishing House (SPH) respects your privacy.

We will responsibly manage all your personal data submitted to us via our SPH website in accordance with the laws and regulations of Malaysia in particular the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia, and generally accepted principles of ethics of the rights of private citizens. From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy to be consistent with changes in rules and regulations prevailing.

Personal Data” means information which you have provided to us via our SPH website which includes but is not limited to your name, NRIC number, passport number, other forms of identification, address, telephone number, email address, your date of birth, race, gender, occupation, employer, and any other information submitted to us on a voluntary basis to enable us to provide you with the services, products and events and other information on our S

We process your Personal Data with your agreement and consent wh en you sign up as a subscriber to our SPH website. We only use your Personal Data for the purposes related to the services or products we provide via our SPH website including but not limited to registration of you as a user of the SPH website, to provide you with the benefits offered to registered users of the SPH website and communication with you with regard to the same, managing and renewal of subscriptions to SPH website, processing your purchase of books, special and other publications offered by SPH via our SPH website, processing of payments in relation thereto with third parties connected to e-payment facilities for your convenience and at your voluntary discretion to use relating to the purchase of any book, product or service offered in our SPH website, processing of the delivery to you for your online purchase of purchase of advertising space, booking of any artwork and delivery of the same, registration for events which SPH may organise, entries or participation in contests, and for internal administrative purposes such as auditing, data analysis etc and you agree and consent to the same. 

We may also use process your Personal Data to send you alerts, updates, notifications of road shows and other events which may be of interest to you and we may do so via email, short message service, twitter, mail, etc and you shall be at full liberty to inform us that you wish not to be so alerted, informed, notified or otherwise be advised of the aforesaid. We will respect your decision.


Please note that your Personal Data may be transferred, accesses or disclosed to third parties only for the purposes of processing your request for purchase of services or products via the SPH website. We have engaged other service providers for e-payment convenience, logistics and delivery services to perform such functions on our behalf and consequently have to provide access or disclose to them or their delivery agents your Personal Data to carry out to completion the purchase you have made.

Your Personal Data may also be provided or accessed by our professional advisers and external auditors in compliance with regulatory requirements under the laws of Malaysia and we have to comply also with Governmental authorities which may require us to provide such data to comply with statutory or other governmental requirements which are out of our voluntary control. In the event there is a sale of SPH to a third party and there is a change of ownership of the business of SPH, your Personal Data which forms part of the email list and/or other secure repositories of SPH may be shared with the third party in a corporate sale, merger, consolidation or in the unlikely event of the winding-up of SPH. We will ensure that the third party will expressly agree and consent to comply with SPH Private Policy and protection of your Personal Data before a sale is considered. We respect all our subscribers Personal Data. Should you wish to stop receiving any updates, newsletters, events materials etc please contact the following:

Name: Mr. Moses Chaw
Mobile: +6018 222 4048