Dialog Group's Tan Sri Dr. BK Ngau outstanding old boy of University of Canterbury NZ

February 11, 2023


He is a bright star in the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Tan Sri Dr. Ngau Boon Keat attended high school in Christchurch and graduated from the University of Canterbury in 1971 with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then worked in Singapore as a refinery engineer with Mobil Oil for a few years. The balik kampung feeling overcame him and he returned to Malaysia in 1975.

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) had just been formed in August 1974 and recruited this young enthusiastic engineer to join the pioneer team. It was exciting times for the local O&G industry. Timing is everything in business. You have to strike when the iron is hot or you may miss the boat. In 1984 Ngau Boon Keat co-founded a small oil and gas service provider firm which has since morphed exponentially to become one of Malaysia’s leading public listed companies. Dialog Group Berhad was listed in 1996. 

The Doctorate was awarded by the University of Canterbury in 2012 for an old boy's outstanding contribution to the energy sector  in the Asia Pacific region. Dialog Group is an owner and operator of upstream marginal and mature oilfields with strategically located storage facilities and an offshore supply base. It has customers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the United States and South America. The Group has remained highly profitable and maintained a healthy balance sheet despite the huge volatility in crude oil prices. It has a current market capitalisation of RM13.66 billion (January 2023) according to tradingeconomics.com. 

Tan Sri Dr. Ngau Boon Keat is now ranked by Forbes as one of the 50 Richest men in Malaysia 2022 with a net worth of US$420 million. He keeps a low profile preferring to focus on the more important things in life. He and his wife Puan Sri Jean founded MyKasih Foundation in 2009, a non-profit organisation to assist impoverished families and students.  


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