TITIJAYA's Tan Sri Lim Soon Peng passes baton to son Lim Poh Yit

June 20, 2022


At 38, his father, Tan Sri Dato' Lim Soon Peng (66) handed the reins of listed TITIJAYA Land Berhad to him. LIM POH YIT was appointed Group MD of Titijaya on 31 March 2021. Not unexpected if a successor would be chosen that a son would most likely be the choice in Chinese family businesses. 

Poh Yit holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Computing from Monash University, Australia. He joined his father and sister, Charmaine in Titijaya after graduation. Together they built several successful residential, commercial and integrated development projects mostly in the Klang Valley but also in Kota Kinabalu (The Shore - Service Suites & Retail Mall), First Palm City Centre, Lahad Datu (Integrated Development), and Areca in Penang. 

Both siblings are close to the father. While Charmaine is more a people person and creative, Poh Yit is more analytical and a numbers person. They complement each other and work together well. Both appreciate the hard work that Tan Sri Lim had put in through the years to build up Titijaya. They especially benefit from tertiary education which their father was denied having had to drop out of school to eke out a living in Klang as a labourer. 

Poh Yit  knows things are changing fast and building approaches need new paradigms. He thinks he and his sister are ready, having been inspired by their father to carve out new paths as the next generation of developers.



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