Korean Fried Chicken remains popular

May 28, 2020

It was Datuk Steven Chin’s first foray into the food franchise business. He runs a company, Gammerlite Sdn Bhd, that is involved in road infrastructure projects and maintains roadways in the East coast of Sabah. “I like the challenge of starting a new business,” he said in a press interview in 2015. Datuk Chin picked South Korea’s Kyochon fried chicken franchise and opened the first outlet in One Utama Mall, Petaling Jaya in March 2014. Six years on Malaysians are still enjoying this Korean crispy fried chicken which comes with its signature soy garlic or hot & sweet sauce glazed over freshly fried chicken.

The founder of Kyochon Chicken Restaurant Group, Kwon Won Kang (Chairman), still keeps the secret recipe that he and his wife labored tirelessly to create in their first small restaurant in Gumi, S. Korea in 1991. They wanted a new kind of fried chicken which was different from the ones commonly available. Mr Kwon used the double fry technique which resulted in fat burned off from the fried chicken making it crispy and then it was finished off with a glaze of its signature soy garlic sauce or its hot & sweet sauce. For 13 years, Kyochon fried chicken was voted S. Korea’s best fried chicken and the Kwons franchised the chain outside S.Korea.


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