100 outlets and expanding fast

July 08, 2020

The Master Franchisee for Burger King for Malaysia and Singapore is a company linked to the founder of 99 Speedmart, Lee Thiam Wah. Lee, an inspiring entrepreneur who was afflicted with polio from young, acquired the rights to the Burger King franchise from government linked investment fund, Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) in 2015 for RM74.6million. Ekuinas disposed of its interest in the Burger King franchise to Lee’s Newscape Capital with the consent of BK Asiapac Pte Ltd, the master franchisor of the Burger King brand in the Asia Pacific region as part of its exercise to exit the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business.

Celebrating its 100th outlet in Malaysia in January 2020, Burger King announced that plans are in place to open another 50 more outlets within 2 years. There are 43 Burger King outlets in Singapore.

Over in the USA, Burger King has tied up with Impossible Foods to introduce plant based or meatless burgers and meatless sausages into their menu. Will this take off in Malaysia?


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