Now you can Pandu Ambil lah

July 01, 2020

The Master Franchisee for Domino’s (American franchise) in Singapore and Malaysia is Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd, a company controlled by Dato’ George Ting Yew Tong. His son-in-law, Ba U Shan-Ting, is President of Dommal Food and was CEO of Singapore and Malaysia operations before Deputy President, Shamsul Amree, was elevated to CEO recently.

Dato’ George Ting in the 1980s was Executive Director/President of the Fast Food Division of KFC Holdings Malaysia overseeing the KFC and Pizza Hut brands. After almost two decades of building up KFC  to 300 stores and 100 Pizza Hut outlets, he left in 1997 to run his Shakey’s Pizza chain. In 2005 Dato’ George Ting acquired the assets of Domino’s Malaysia from the original franchisee and launched a major expansion of the pizza chain. The Shakey’s franchise was sold to a third party but some of the Shakey’s outlets were converted to Domino’s stores.

Domino’s launched a new takeaway service called “Pandu Ambil” on 9 June 2020 to enable customers to drive to the nearest store to pick up their pizza after ordering online via It said it is the first F&B chain to introduce this service nationwide.


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