September 22, 2020

Nelson’s corn-in-cup is a homegrown Malaysian brand that has gone global. The founder is Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok who pioneered the concept of eating corn in a cup in 1994 as opposed to the conventional way of eating corn on the cob. Simple as it was, no one seemed to have thought of it as marketable franchise till he came along. There are now more than 80 outlets in Malaysia. According to its website, it has hundreds of outlets in Saudi Arabia and almost 100 outlets in Kuwait under Master franchise holders. It also has franchisees in Indonesia, North Africa, China, England and Europe.  

Where does the corn supply come from? Datuk Seri Nelson has a pool of contract farmers which grow its N28 specie of corn that produces sweet kernels. The corn processing plant in Chemor, Perak has Halal and HACCP certifications to ensure quality control during production.  

The Nelson’s Corn-in-cup kiosks in malls do not only sell freshly steamed buttered corn but also a range of snacks like waffles, dorayaki pancakes, etc. Freeze dried corn in packets are also available.


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