Segi Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd

April 14, 2021

Meng Chui and his wife started young as pasar malam vendors. They had their dreams like other young people. She believed in him and he believed in himself that being a businessman was all he wanted to be. He wasn’t cut out for school. They could have been the typical obladi oblada couple and “life goes on” (The Beatles’ famous song) like the rest of the vendors. But that didn’t happen. They slogged together and probably did not envisage that more than 2 decades later, they would own the SegiFresh grocery chain with 50 outlets and a robust online shopping portal for their bulk buying customers which comprised hotels, caterers, restaurant operators and hawkers, besides their loyal customers. And their three children are now with a better life living in Johor, Australia and Hong Kong.   

Segi Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd (SCC) started as a traditional market wholesaler in September 1994. Later it went into retail and introduced SegiFresh, a supermarket concept store that replicated a wet market inside a modern air-conditioned premise. It went down well with consumers as fresh farm produce, fish and seafood, meat and others were sourced from local suppliers and consumers not only enjoyed the ambience but also the fair value pricing.  

Meng Chui, now Managing Director of Segi Value Holdings which owns the portfolio of businesses under brand name SegiFresh, looks back with some element of pride and self-satisfaction at how far he has come, but with a sense of humility as he plans forward for he knows business is fraught with risks. Yesteryears’ experience count but there are black swans that come uninvited.  

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