April 07, 2021

The Lai siblings, four brothers and a sister, led by youngest brother, Lai Sia Ling (Executive Director) opened their first Econsave Cash & Carry store in Pandamaran, Port Klang in 1997. The siblings grew up helping out in the sundry shop grocery business in Klang that their father, Lai Poh Thian, set up in 1955 with his savings after working for 14 years as a labourer. It was called Rong Long. Business grew and the sundry shop soon expanded into a mini-market. The boys were sent to Australia for their studies and they learned about the workings of the supermarkets there. They brought home ideas of how to modernize their father’s grocery store. Lai Sia Ling thinks that the grocery business is in their blood. 

Econsave as a brand stands for “being economical and providing savings” to the consumer. This was the discount store grocery segment that the Lai siblings felt was the future of grocery business. Econsave Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd has grown to become one of the largest grocery supermarket chains in the country with 83 branches and still counting. Manpower shortage remains an important issue which is constantly being looked into.  

Econsave does not only carry supermarket groceries (fresh and non-fresh) but also its own housebrands of Electrical Appliances - Sabichi, Salco and Matsutech that offer home appliances, latest IT gadgets and accessories at an affordable price and in compliance with SIRIM standards. In the kitchen and household section, Econsave has its own label called Shamoji which comprise its range of affordable and high-quality kitchenwares, cookwares, kitchen utensils and other kitchen essentials. Essentially they carry department store goods at discounted prices so shoes and clothings are part of their offerings. It is meant to be a one stop shop where the consumer can buy everything he needs.  

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