99 Speedmart - Lee Thiam Wah "Mini market King of Klang"

October 17, 2019

The man behind the success of local convenience store chain, 99 Speedmart is Lee Thiam Wah who is currently the Managing Director of the chain. They used to call him the Mini-market King of Klang but he has transcended that local honour. Lee won the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award in 2014 for outstanding performance and perseverance in developing a successful business. He has since won other awards. See www.99speedmart.com.my

99 Speedmart opened its 1000th outlet in 2017 and Lee has no plans to stop expanding the chain. He is racing towards 2000 outlets. 7-Eleven has 3000 stores so it is not mission impossible.

The wheelbound chair Lee who was a polio victim from young said hsi grandmother told him “you are only disabled physically, not mentally,” and with that verve started his first Pasar Mini 99 at the age of 23 in Klang Utama. He did so with hard earned savings from selling snacks over the years. Now with turnover that runs into billions (it was RM2 billion plus in 2014 with 570 outlets) Lee is easily one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Why 99 Speedmart? Lee said nothing is perfect in this world. Striving towards 99% should be sufficient.

In September 2015, Lee Thiam Wah took over the Burger Chain franchise for Malaysia and Singapore from Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas) for RM74.6million. It is not under 99 Speedmart. Please read Burger King under International Franchises on this website.