Popular Malaysian Spices brand

February 04, 2021

Popular homegrown spices brand, Adabi, now a leading packaged food manufacturer, has been expanding both locally and internationally without much fanfare since its founding in 1984 as a small factory producing curry spices in the Batu Caves Industrial Area. Adabi products were the first to receive Halal certification from the Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister’s Department. Founder Dato’ Syed Manshor Syed Mahmood, who is Chairman and Managing Director of Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd, continues to run the family business with his son, Syed Mahadzir Dato’ Syed Mansor, who is Adabi’s CEO. Adabi Consumer Industries is currently located on a four acre land at the Rawang Integrated Industrial Park where its production facilities, warehouses, corporate and administration offices are housed. Adabi has developed more than 285 products which are distributed not only in Malaysia but are exported to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, Japan, Jordan, Mongolia and the United Kingdom. Adabi Consumer Industries has won a string of awards both locally and in the region. View them at www.adabi.com 


The Adabi Group set up Powerpets Food to produce cat food under the brand PowerCat in 2013 when they found that there was a high demand for cat food in the country. It is the first Malaysian manufacturer of cat food. The success of the wet cat food led the Group to launch their dry cat food in 2014.  


In 2015, the Adabi Group launched their ecommerce platform - Emall Adabi (emall.adabi.com)  which not only offers the complete range of Adabi products but also new products not available at their retail channels. The Adabi website has 300,000 followers or subscribers who are encouraged to cook popular local dishes using Adabi spices.  

The family’s focus on quality and compliance with international standards has kept the Adabi brand popular among locals and that is the first step to succeed.


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