Lim brothers built up Senheng over 30 years to become the leading consumer electronics retailer in Malaysia

January 09, 2023


Lim Kim Heng completed his pre-U studies at TAR College in 1980 and started to work at Campbell Electronics for a few years in sales. In 1986 he joined joined Senhong Sales and Services Sdn Bhd as the head of operations where he managed retail outlets. was responsible for the operations of retail outlets. He left Senhong Sales and Services Sdn Bhd in 1989 and decided after 9 years of experience to start his own outfit - Senheng Electric in a half shop lot in Pandan Jaya. 

Kim Heng's two brothers, Lim Kim Chieng (63) and Lim Kim Yew (60) were roped in to help out with delivery on a part time basis initially as they had their own vocations until Senheng Electric's business grew so big that they joined full time and became shareholders. They started with only RM30,000 in stocks and by 1998 the Malaysia Book of Records had named  Sengheng the largest consumer electronics store in the country. Kim Chieng was responsible for overseeing the sales and operations of all our physical outlets. He is today the President/Executive Director of Senheng New Retail Berhad. Kim Yew worked in interior design after his secondary school education. He joined Senheng Electric o manage human resource, billings and collections. He retired from day to day operations in 2017 but is on the Board of Directors of listed Senheng New Retail. The company was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 25 January 2022. 

The three Lim brothers have no tertiary education and no Master's degrees in marketing and sales. Yet see what they have done that should encourage others to be entrepreneurs like them. In 1998, the Malaysia Book of Records named Senheng® the largest consumer electronics store in the country. Sales exceeded RM1 billion in 2018 and has continued to climb. For FYE 31 December 2021 Senheng New Retail achieved revenues of RM1.4 billion and net profit of RM65.3 million. 

The Senheng Group's “PlusOne loyalty programme” to foster long-term relationships with customers, providing members with numerous benefits such as free extended warranty coverage, S-coin cashback for redemptions, members’ exclusive deals and many more is a resounding success. There are more than 3 million loyalty members. “senQ” concept stores were set up in shopping malls to sell a wider range of digital gadgets and smart electronics.

Senheng undertook a full-scale “Digital Transformation” in 2015 to automate and digitalise its operations and business processes, to enhance efficiencies and harness comprehensive data and business analysis to drive future growth. 


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