BoBoiBoy Movie 2 earns RM1 million a day!

October 17, 2019

MMU Malaysia (Multi-Media University) produced its brightest star graduate in Mohd Nizam Abdul Razak, 35, creator of animated child superhero BoBoiboy. The First Class Honors graduate majoring in Film & Animation from MMU once said, “ Everyone has the right to dream, and to dream BIG!” There you are Nizam, YOU HAVE MADE IT! The Malaysian Dream has come true for you! Every Malaysian is proud of you! Kudos!!

Why a child superhero?

Nizam said, “No matter what age you are, there would definitely have been a time when you imagined you were a superhero – Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman etc. When children watch Spiderman for example, they end up wanting to be like Spiderman. That’s what came to my mind when I created BoBoiBoy. I wanted a Malaysian Superhero character who would foster the idea of embracing our national identity….to be proud of oneself and one’s nation.”

The first screening of BoBoiBoy The Movie in 2015 grossed RM15.7million. In August 2019 the second movie called BoBoiBoy Movie 2 grossed a million Ringgit a day at local cinemas by the fourth week! The RM27.7 million cinema earnings (much more by now) brought screams and elation to Nizam Razak and his Animonsta Studios team. The movie was produced jointly by Animonsta Studios and Astro Shaw with Nizam Razak as Director.

Not forgetting his teammates and buddies since university days, Safwan Abdul Karim, Anas Abdul Aziz and Kee Yong Pin, Nizam Razak says Animonsta Studios is a culmination of a team’s dream.